Current Vacancies: 23

Carpenter/General Worker: 10
Cook: 3
Car Wash: 3
Car Painter: 2
Car Mechanic: 5

Application Process

1- Receive CV and all the required documents
2- Skype or Zoom Meeting with the Candidate
3-If pass the interview, then we will process to the next step
4- Visit your local police station (Thana) to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate.
5- Submit your application for an India Visit Visa or Double Entry Visa.
6- Request an appointment for submitting your Slovenian work visa application. This usually takes within 2/3 weeks to get an appointment slot. Further guidance will be provided.
7- Ensure your debit or credit card has at least 1 lakh Taka when you visit India.
8- Arrive in India at least 3 working days before your Slovenian visa submission appointment. This allows time to visit the Bangladesh High Commission Office in New Delhi for Police Clearance Certificate Attestation (180 Rupees – payment by card only).
9- Go to the Slovenian embassy at least 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment and ensure you have all the required documents with you:
– Passport
– Work Visa Application form filled and approved by the employer ( further guidance will be provided)
– CV
– Work permit letter (issued by the Slovenian company with your name and passport number)
– Police clearance letter
– Schengen country double entry travel insurance (further guidance will be provided)
– Training certificates/qualifications (further guidance will be provided)
– Other relevant supporting documents
10- Slovenian visa fees are approximately 1200 Rupees. Pay this fee to their bank. Once you submit all documents, they will provide their bank details. Take this information to the bank, deposit the visa fees, and obtain a bank receipt. Submit this receipt to the Slovenian embassy for passport return and submission receipt.
Regularly check your email for updates on your visa application.