Student Form

    To initiate the process, we kindly request the following documents for a Free Assessment and Advice:

    1- A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.

    2- Updated CV indicating the date of last update.

    3- All Academic Qualifications.

    4- English Proficiency: IELTS (UKVI IELTS for UK admissions only).

    5- Personal statement (minimum 500 words) detailing your educational background, current

    status, career aspirations, reasons for choosing the course and university, and motivations

    for studying in the UK or another country.

    6- Two reference letters (from Employers or College/University).

    7- Explanation of any Study Gaps.

    8- Any other relevant documents.

    Please send all the documents to . We will ensure that

    your application is processed efficiently. Upon receipt of your documents, we will review your

    profile and provide personalized advice to help you achieve your academic goals.

    Thank you for considering Visa World Solutions as your trusted partner in your academic